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Bodypainting Art
Animal Illusions

Supplier Exhibition Bodypainting Art by Johannes Stötter

Fine art bodypainting creates animal illusions

Johannes Stötter creates a world in which the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred. Discover the fascinating animal illusions of his bodypainting art, captured in impressive pictures.
Each work shows the artist’s masterful technique and deep connection with nature. Let yourself be enchanted by these unique works of art and experience an exhibition that will leave you in awe.

Sony dsc
Butterfly full
Johannesstoetterart owl
Sony dsc
Sony dsc
Johannesstoetterart tiger web
Sony dsc
Johannesstoetterart reef fish small
Johannesstoetterart whale full
Sony dsc
Johannesstoetterart sea turtle

The exhibition “Bodypainting Art – Animal Illusions” comprises 6 themed worlds with a total of 12 photographs with animal motifs from Johannes Stötter’s bodypainting illusions.

Example of a theme world

The theme worlds in detail

Eine Illustration der Präsentationsart der Fotografien der Bodypainting Ausstellung

Nature-themed worlds to immerse yourself in and join in the mystery

Facts & Figures

Johannes stoetter the fish making of
Tiger bts
Wolf painting by johannes stoetter wb production
  1. Exhibition duration: from 3 weeks Book exhibition “Bodypainting Art – Animal Illusions”
  2. Exhibition does not require an attendant and can be made available to your customers as a stand-alone solution throughout the entire service period
  3. 12 photographs with animal motifs of the bodypainting illusions by Johannes Stötter á approx. 70×100 cm (depending on the motif)
  4. 7 black steles for presenting the pictures
  5. Matching decoration with floor stickers & decorative elements on the theme of the respective picture.
    One theme per stele:
    – Green Nature
    – Underwater-Life (2x)
    – In the Woods
    – Jungle-Feeling (2x)
  6. Background sound to match each picture theme
  7. Resolution of the illusions (number and positioning of the people) for each image
  8. QR code with link to the available videos of the individual animal illusions
  9. Presentation of a “behind the scenes” video with information about the artist and his artworks on a screen
  10. An accompanying information & puzzle booklet with facts & figures about the animals depicted provides additional excitement (prizes from the organiser possible)
  11. Price on request

Johannes Stötter

Fine Art Bodypainter

Professional artist Johannes Stötter is best known for his revolutionary work in the field of body painting.

He achieved particular fame in 2013 when he created a tropical frog with five models. This work went viral and catapulted his career to a new level. Known around the world, Johannes has already won numerous awards and has been honoured by renowned media on several occasions.

Johannes lives in a small village in the northern Italian Alps (South Tyrol). His deep connection with nature inspires many of his works. Instead of painting on traditional canvases, he paints on live models, which reinforces the connection between artist, model and artwork. His distinctive technique seems effortless and matches his idiosyncratic yet engaging and passionate personality, brilliantly realising his vision and transforming each model piece by piece. Music also plays a central role in his artistic expression.

Johannes teaches the art of bodypainting as part of the World Bodypainting Academy programme
programme of the World Bodypainting Academy and exhibits his work worldwide.

Johannes stoetter bg
Sony dsc

Johannes Stötter is also known from, among other things:

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Was kann der mensch


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Bodypainting stoetter konzept engl

Artist/ Photo: ©  Johannes Stötter | WB Production

Johannes stoetter the whale making of


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