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Agency implementation exhibitions


Amazibition is the right agency for the implementation of exhibitions on a wide variety of themes. Ideally suited for shopping centers, airports or museums, for example, our exhibitions offer the perfect complement to the chosen venue. We offer a well-considered overall concept, which helps on various levels to inspire customers and to achieve a high number of visitors for your location, so the whole process of developing and planning exhibitions is in good hands. Our exhibition implementation agency ensures that visitors associate an unforgettable experience with the location. Both the learning factor and the fun are elements of our exhibitions that make them so successful. We offer several options of ready-made traveling exhibitions that can be rented directly. Spectacular backdrops, interactive games and detailed decorations create the WOW effect for visitors and invite them to stay longer at your location. We can also organize artists, workshops or walking characters for special highlights to add even more life to the exhibition. Exhibits offer a variety of stations with varied features. Our exhibits can move and make sounds, making them particularly realistic and appealing to children. Adventure information panels provide interesting facts about the exhibit’s subject area, and interactive games are educational entertainment for young and old alike. Puzzle rallies with information booklets and suitably branded giveaways, content supplied by us for social media campaigns, and Playcific DIY games for the home can all be provided by us for marketing purposes. Amazibition is also the right agency for the implementation of the exhibitions perfectly matching your specifications. From the definition of the theme to the design of the individual stations, everything can be dealt with individually. In cooperation, an experience-oriented and spectacular event is created that is perfect for your visitors.