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Provider children exhibitions


The Amazibition agency is a provider of children’s exhibitions on various topics. The overall concept includes several stations with interactive games, animatronic animals that make sounds and information boards from which children can learn while playing. The additional offer includes not only the stations, which can be individually adapted to your wishes, but also exterior as well as interior decoration. Through the joint planning of the concept, the exhibition conveys a special connection to your location. As a marketing strategy, merchandise, puzzle booklets and a social media campaign are included as needed. The social media concept includes images as well as text that are sure to engage your customers and encourage them to visit the exhibition. The various exhibitions stand out with their many special details, which have been thought through down to the smallest detail by creative minds at the agency, and bring a sparkle not only to children’s eyes but also to those of adults. As a provider of children’s exhibitions, we want to transform your location into a very special place: a place where young and old alike will want to stay longer and feel the desire to come back again. Our exhibitions are perfect for shopping malls, museums or airports, but it would of course also be possible to fine-tune the individual concepts and make them available for other locations. In summary, we offer a spectacular experience that is sure to attract curious glances and increase your customer frequency and thus your sales.