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Rent theme exhibition


At Amazibtion, you can rent a themed exhibition to reach your customers and entertain them at the same time. Our existing exhibitions include various exhibits, as well as games that are interactive. The unique decorations increase the customer’s desire not only to look at the exhibition, but to actively experience the stations. The animatronic exhibits that make sounds and move make the eyes of children and adults light up. Families can solve optinal puzzle rallies together and thus spend valuable and quality time with absolute learning factor. A unique selling point of our exhibitions is that they are designed to be completely stand-alone. This means that no staff is required. The individual stations are easy to understand for young and old alike and therefore do not require additional supervision for support. Shopping malls, airports and other locations should rent a themed exhibit to increase their customer traffic. As additional packages, various workshops, artists and walking characters can also be booked for special days, thus ensuring even more frequency on Saturdays or other selected days. The giveaways that can be booked serve as a reminder of the fun and exciting time for the successful participants of the puzzle rally and thus remain in the customer’s memory. Playcific DIY games can also be integrated when planning your concept. Through the individual joint development of the concept of the themed exhibition, they convey a unified appearance to your customers.