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an adventure of 3 elements

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Pfeil Icon für BilderHeader Africas Big 5 Elefant Kind
Pfeil Icon für BilderTitelblatt mit Holzkugel auf Bahn und Wald
Pfeil Icon für BilderEine interaktive Ausstellung für die ganze Familie Dragons
COMING SOON...Arabian Dreams Deckblatt

1001 Arabien fairy tales

COMING SOON...Mission Ocean Weltkugel Meer Plastikmüll

Mission Ocean

COMING SOON...Themenausstellung Fantastic worlds Magical Moments

Fantastic worlds - magical moments

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter if your focus is on fun and games or educational experiences: Through our interactive experiential exhibitions for the whole family, the shopping center, museum or event venue is transformed into a center of activity and invites not only to stay, but also to come back. Such exhibitions are more effective in the long term than unique events and define themselves as clear frequency drivers: more frequency = more sales!

Our exhibitions do not require any support or personnel, so you can book themed exhibitions with us without much extra effort and very easily. This type of solution is called stand-alone exhibition. We are the provider for themed exhibitions as stand-alone expositions, which are self-explanatory, freely accessible and animating. This saves you high personnel costs.

If you want to book one of our themed exhibitions, we will provide you with a sophisticated overall package that will delight young and old alike and consists of the following elements:

  • Exhibits (for animals always animatronic: they move and make typical sounds).
  • Interactive games to impart knowledge: Each exhibit has an additional interactive game that allows visitors to playfully engage with the exhibit and thus learn easily and in passing.
  • Experience information boards: The information boards for each exhibit are prepared in such a way that they can be understood even by children who cannot read yet; incorporated comics and fun facts provide for amazement and an additional WOW factor.

An exhibition duration of at least one month generates additional frequency and clearly increases efficiency compared to one-day events.

If you rent a themed exhibition, you have the option, in addition to the fixed overall package, to choose from a variety of additional stations and supporting programs to round out and expand your exhibition.

  • Social media campaign: We provide you with the content (images, videos and texts – all in open data) for the perfect promotion of your exhibition for 2 weeks before and one month accompanying the event.
  • Highlights like artists, workshops or walking characters provide extra frequency on special days.
  • Riddle rally with info booklet and matching branded give-aways for your customers: So you inspire even more and awaken the collecting instinct in visitors.
  • Playcific – The DIY adventure for home: So that your customers can also experience Amazibition at home, we have developed a DO-IT YOURSELF safari adventure for home that they can simply download.
  • Indoor and outdoor decorations: Oversized large decorations on the front of the house attract attention from afar; inside your location, we apply stickers in the right places and bring the respective theme even more to life with additional large decorations.

Then please feel free to contact us. Are you looking for experience-oriented and spectacular events for your location? Then we are the right provider. At every theme exhibition we can inspire the masses together with a wide variety of experience worlds and create a memorable experience staging, which remains long in the memory of the visitors and makes the shopping center, museum or event location a place of experience for the whole family.

Frau mit großen gelben Luftballon


Simply contact us by phone or by using the contact form – we can also create the exhibition of your dreams!