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Rent lifelike exhibits for shopping malls


Amazibition offers the opportunity to rent lifelike exhibits for shopping malls. The exhibits assure not only fun and WOW moments, but also a learning effect for young and old. Instead of just boring information boards, there are varied and interactive stations that inspire. Amazibition is the supplier for lifelike exhibits for shopping malls and perfectly planned interactive exhibitions. None of the exhibitions requires supervising staff, which means the exhibitions are a perfect stand-alone solution. On certain days, it is possible to book additional workshops or various artists. Impressive interior and exterior decoration gives each shopping center that certain something and attracts customers. For the exhibitions it is possible to book a riddle rally in the form of an A5 or A6 booklet optionally, which gives besides relevant information also all important details about the chosen exhibition. Specially produced giveaways give the exhibitions a WOW effect and spur children on to master the riddle rally. Our agency offers not only to rent lifelike exhibits for shopping malls, but also to perfectly promote the event with a pre-made social media strategy. If our prefabricated life-sized exhibits do not meet your needs, the joint development of a new idea, which will be tailored to your shopping center, can be done within a few weeks. The whole concept will be adapted to your wishes and will reflect a perfect theme for your location. The interactive exhibitions are of high quality and especially attractive for children but also for adults. Not only existing customers will marvel at the exhibition, because through the right promotion, new customers will also be wide-eyed with excitement and thus bring your location additional frequency and thus sales.