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Exhibition rental


Amazibtion’s exhibitions are not only spectacular to look at, they offer many different areas, as well as customized and individual concepts tailored to you. Each exhibition rental includes impressive exhibits, interactive games and information boards: thus not only fun but also the learning factor is guaranteed. The immersion in different worlds of experience not only inspires children but also makes adults marvel. When you rent an exhibition, the customer is entertained in a different and special way. Since customers associate emotions with places or experiences, the positive memory of the exhibition, awakens in the customer the desire to come back. This means that you can thus achieve an increase in sales through positive thoughts and emotions. You can rent an existing exhibition or commission a completely new theme from us. An advertising campaign tailored to you, helps you to promote the exhibition perfectly. Not only offline marketing but also social media campaigns are very important in today’s marketing campaigns and are therefore also a priority for us. If you take advantage of our exhibition rental, we offer you an additional content plan, which you can use two weeks before and one month during the exhibition to reach your customers perfectly. Not only the existing customer base will be enchanted by the many specials and unique elements in the experience area, but also new customers will become aware of the many impressive exhibits and thus your location.