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Arabian dreams
Case Study: Think BIG...

Planning and conception of exhibitions

... for impressive and emotional WOW! experiences.

Individual for brand presentation:




This makes your brand presentation a highlight

Gesamtansicht der Ausstellung Arabian Dreams mit Nahaufnahme von Henna Tattoo Station

Our all-round service

  • Content-related planning and conception of the entire exhibition theme (specialization in stand-alone implementation without supervision)
  • Edutainment: elaboration of knowledge topics in an entertaining way
  • Preparation of marketing documents for the event locations
  • Visualization of the exhibition content (from scribbles to 3D videos)
  • Consulting on the choice of materials, exhibits and integration of interactive games
  • Development, production and provision of all exhibition elements
  • Exhibition architecture, storage and logistics
  • On-site support (if requested)

From the idea to the realization...

…We develop tailor-made concepts that are precisely adapted by us to your budget and your theme worlds. From the first idea through visualization to production, construction and on-site support – we are your competent partner along the entire production and implementation chain for planning and conception of exhibitions.

3D Ansicht einer Arabian Dreams Ausstellung

Arabian Dreams - A journey from Ancient to Modern

Arabian Dreams Silhouetten Moschee Kamel Hochhäuser

Starting position

Presentation of Dubai as a vacation destination through this interactive exhibition in shopping malls, museums, airports and trade fairs throughout Europe.


Create emotions and the desire for a Dubai trip – with the help of a breathtaking scenery and interactive games!


9 interactive stations that create a “Dubai-feeling” and show visitors all facets of the country. From the oriental old town, the beach and the desert to the ultra-modern city, they can experience everything up close.

Duration of the exhibition

at least 1 month/location


  • 9 individual stations and 4 relaxation areas.
  • Interactive games to impart knowledge instead of lengthy information boards.
  • Stand-alone games (no staff needed) or our experience managers can guide your visitors through the exhibition.
  • Great decorations, fantastic impressions, all senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste) should be stimulated.
  • The stations have a modular structure enabling them to be used either separately or arranged in one area.

See what’s possible …

Arabien Landkarte türkis Silhouette

Stations in detail

3D Ansicht einer Arabian Dreams Ausstellung


At every station:

  1. Thematically appropriate ward boundaries
  2. Information boards with the most important facts about Arabia
  3. Interactive game


Your visitors can get an individual henna tattoo in an oriental tent.

Ornate patterns with removable tattoos made of metallic gold and silver or simple black are applied on the skin with the help of our automatic tattoo printer or from an artist, who will paint them individually and with traditional materials.

  • Oriental tent
  • Traditional henna tattoo
  • Individual designs possible
  • Area required: approx. 12 m²


  • Tattoo artist
Henna Tattoo Station induviduelle Hennabemalungen für Besucher
typisches arabisches Souk mit verschidenen Düften und Farben für Besucher


Mmmmh… what smells so delicious?

Let your visitors be enchanted by the many compelling smells and vivid colors. They have to guess and assign different scents in the souk and also learn something about the Arabic cuisine and the most famous spices like paprika, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, and saffron.

  • Traditional souk
  • Market stalls with a variety of products
  • “Scent organ” – guess and assign different
  • Area required: approx. 18 m²


  • Creating an own spice blend
  • Sell various products at the market stalls


“As salam aleykum” and “Welcome to the Orient”!

Sitting in a replica of a mosque, visitors can watch a film about the fascinating culture and religion of the Arab countries.

  • Large screen – simply press the button to start
    the film
  • Topics: Islamic tradition, local culture and
    heritage, traditional clothing, celebrations and
    festivities (film and content provided by the cooperation partner)
  • Information presented in a child-friendly manner
  • Area required: approx. 21 m²


  • Traditional clothing for your visitors to try on and take photos in
nachgebaute Moschee Ausstellung Case Study
handbetriebene Ölpumpe Ausstellung Arabian Dreams


This black gold plays an immense role in our lives.

Visitors can playfully learn about oil extraction by using a hand-operated oil pump. In the quiz they have to guess which items contain crude oil which will leave them astonished!

  • Hand-operated oil pump
  • Functionality: visitors can pull the rope to start the pump. After a while, they can see how the oil rises and falls in a measuring glass.
  • Interesting facts about “black gold”
  • Amazing landscaped desert
  • Area required: approx. 30 m²



Sandy feet ahead!
How about playing in a big sandpit surrounded by an amazing beach backdrop? Visitors will get the beach feeling and enjoy building sandcastles!

  • Beach feeling
  • Impressive setting
  • Create sand pictures on an illuminated LED panel
  • Pure sand inside
  • Area required: approx. 25 m²


  • Sand artist for impressive sand sculptures
Strandkulisse mit Eingangstor Sandburg und Tisch
Wüstenkulisse Ausstellung Arabian Dreams Kamele Infotafel


Haven’t you always wanted to ride on a camel?

Visitors can become camel riders and take great photos in a desert setting surrounded by palm trees and sand.

  • Desert safari
  • Amazing photo spot
  • 4 to 5 camels
  • Area required: approx. 49 m²


  • Animatronic camels which can move and make typical sounds


Arab countries are known for their fascinating

And did you know that the tallest building in the world (approx. 828 m) is situated in Dubai? They have to put the correct building blocks together to construct the right skyscraper.

  • Impressive city skyline setting
  • Explore the modern city by creating the buildings yourself
  • Facts and information on the futuristic buildings
  • Area required: approx. 25 m²


  • Trick art painting for photos – stand in front of, or on top of, one of the fantastic skyscrapers
  • Augmented reality application: with a mobile device they can be virtually transported to the most famous buildings
Hochhäuser Palme Informationstafel Ausstellung
Eislaufplatz für Einkaufszentrum macht Einkaufen zu einem Erlebnis


An ice rink in a mall? How does that fit together?

Shopping in Arab countries is an experience, and it is not uncommon for aquariums, ice rinks or even indoor ski slopes to be found here! Skating on a mobile ice rink will help give your visitors this unique shopping experience!

• Mobile ice rink
• Ice skates available in different sizes (provided by us)
• Area required: approx. 225 m²

• LED wall as a border with the background of your choice


“Please take a seat and fasten your seat belt!”

In a replica of an airplane, passengers can take a seat on board, experience a simulated landing through vibrating seats and take a look at a recreated cockpit.

  • Landing simulation
  • Realistic airplane
  • Vibrating seats give an authentic “airplane
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Area required: approx. 75 m²


  • Virtual reality application
Emirates Fluglinie Nachgebautes Flugzeug
Konzept Relax Area als Ausstellung


Time for a break or to take a photo of this unique experience?

Visitors can have a break and read some interesting facts in travel brochures and magazines in one of the four relaxation areas distributed throughout the exhibition.

  • 4 relaxation areas distributed throughout the exhibition area
  • Photo spot
  • Area required: approx. 4 m²


  • Digital displays provide current information and short promotion clips


As a memory of this adventure the visitors will get a passport with the stamp of the UAE at the end.

With this passport they can take part in a

International Passport Teilnahmeberechtigung für Gewinnspiel bei Staionen



  • Perfect interactive promotion for your brand / country.
  • For user-generated content and distribution of the brand via social media channels.
  • Promotion can be combined with a (social media) competition and thus generates addresses.


  • The content of the promotion remains anchored in your customers’ minds for a long time through active discussion and an impressive backdrop.
  • Addressing new target groups in an emotional way and in a relaxed family atmosphere.


  • Long-term exhibitions guarantee customer frequency over a longer period of time – much more effective than one-day events.


  • Integration of your brand in the optically perfectly designed partial equipment of the exhibition – your brand is a part of the overall plan and concept of the exhibitions.


  • Kids are busy working on the knowledge topic and parents have time to deal with the brand.

Price sample:

Exhibition in 10 European cities for 10 months (exhibition duration 1 month/city).

  • Investment costs of the Arabian Dreams exhibition: € 380.000,–
  • Tour-specific costs (transport, set-up, dismantling and stand fees): from € 8.000,-/tour location
  • Design and construction of individual stations: from € 15.000,- (price on request)

Optional extras

Let the Arabian Dreams become a highlight in the entire event location.


We provide the appropriate interior and exterior decoration of the entire location and are happy to take over the marketing activities to promote the exhibition (e.g. social media campaign, planning and implementation of merchandising).

Workshops and artists for highlight days

Belly dance/oriental dance workshop

Oriental cuisine workshop

Prices according to volume and on request


You want to have everything on hand and present it to your colleagues? No problem!

Just click on the link:

Download Concept
Header Arabian Dreams a journey from ancient to modern Wunderlampe Skyline

This makes your brand presentation an eye-catcher for all customers.