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Themed Exhibition

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Little buzzing heroes big time!

Beexhibition 3D Animation

Protect our bees together

Super exciting!

Bees are important insects in our ecosystem. When we speak of a bee, we mean the honeybee. Bees live together in a colony that can contains up to 60,000 bees. The colony consists of a queen bee, thousands of workers and a few hundred males, the

Huma eleven robert fritz
Bienenlabyrinth kind mutter
Duftorgel solo
Bienen memory
Huma eleven robert fritz
Imkereiausstellung detail
D bienenmodell
Huma eleven robert fritz
Duftorgel kind
Fotopoint solo
D bienenmodell solo
Bienenlabyrinth gesamt
Gesamtansicht der Bienen-Ausstellung
Bienen memory kinder
Fotopoint nah

Buzz, buzz, buzz...

Everything worth knowing is presented in an easy-to-understand way with the help of an oversized bee maze – ensuring lots of educational fun for young and old!

With this exhibition, you as the organizer are taking a stand:

  • You show your commitment to the topic of nature.
  • You sensitize your customers for a conscious and sustainable life.
  • You create awareness for the value and importance of our wildlife and environment.
  • You bring a piece of nature into your location.
  • You link fun and games with knowledge and promote learning through play.

Position yourself as a responsible sustainable organizer and provide your customers with emotional nature experiences by renting an exhibition on the topic of bees!

Gesamtansicht der Bienen-Ausstellung

Discover the world of bees

The bee maze, the bee memory and the 3D bee model will help your visitors gain new knowledge about bees and nature.

At each of the three stations, you will find exciting exhibits and information boards with the most important facts about the topic addressed – prepared by experts for your customers.

The scent organ, a fun photo point and a beekeeping exhibition perfectly complement the exhibition and provide awesome infotainment.

Pfeil Icon für BilderBienenlabyrinth gesamt

The bee maze

Pfeil Icon für BilderBienen memory

The bee memory

Pfeil Icon für BilderD bienenmodell solo

The 3D bee model

Pfeil Icon für BilderDuftorgel solo

The scent organ

Pfeil Icon für BilderFotopoint solo

The funny photo point

Pfeil Icon für BilderImkereiausstellung

The Beekeeping exhibition

Bienenlabyrinth kind mutter

The bee maze

In the bee maze, your visitors will learn exciting facts about the world of bees and have to solve tricky questions. With each correct answer, they get closer to the goal piece by piece. But beware: a wrong answer will throw them back one step!

The bee memory

Here your visitors have to be very clever and match the beekeeping terms to the right pictures. They can try their luck either alone or with an opponent and learn interesting facts about the different bee species as well as interesting objects used by beekeepers.

D bienenmodell

The 3D bee model

The bee is one of the most impressive and important insects in our ecosystem. Here, your visitors will learn everything important about the bee’s anatomy, development and way of life. They can marvel at an oversized bee body and learn about the individual body parts and abilities of the industrious little animals.

The scent organ

At the scent organ, various scents are waiting to be correctly recognized by the fine noses of your visitors. Whether rose, lavender or honey scent – here every sense of smell is looking forward to a fragrance explosion!


The funny photo point

Funny photo points always make the best souvenir photos that will also be a hit on social media. Simply stand there, take a picture and you have the perfect memory of a great event.

Beekeeping exhibition

When we speak of a bee, in most cases we mean the honeybee. Its original range was only Europe, Africa and the Middle East. However, since it has a great importance for beekeeping, it has been settled all over the world.

Here, your visitors will learn everything they need to know about the history of beekeeping, the beehive and the bees’ golden product, honey.

Imkereiausstellung detail
Wabe biene in wabe
Wabe honig
Wabe bienenstock

Facts and Figures

  • Exhibition duration: from three weeks
  • Exhibition does not require a supervisor and can be made available to your customers as a stand-alone solution during the entire service period
  • Information on the topic is presented in a way that is suitable for children
  • Optional collection pass for the kids provides additional excitement
  • Optional fundraising campaign for a specific topic ensures social impact of the project
  • The entire planning takes the Covid-19 prevention program into account
  • Price on request

Optional packages

We provide the right setting!


e.g. workshops like making beeswax candles, harvesting honey etc.
(Prices according to scope and on request)

Digital Assets

Extra WOW effect and fun with interactive floors and/or walls.
(Prices according to scope and on request)


WOW experiences for promotions at the parking lot or e.g. city centers, implementation of meet & greet, etc.
(Prices according to scope and on request)


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