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TREExhibition - rolling through the woods
Themed exhibition

Rent exhibition environment


Together through the woods

Did you already know?
Trees have existed on earth for more than 390 million years – humans have only been around for 200,000 years. What’s more, a 20-metre-high tree supplies 5-10 people with oxygen every day – and incidentally, 400 litres of water are evaporated through its leaves. Rent our exhibition about environment to spread more interesting facts about trees.

Exciting, isn’t it?
Even more exciting is that all these facts are presented in the nature exhibition for rent using wooden marble runs and your visitors can playfully discover 6 essential reasons why we need and love trees.

With this environment exhibition rental, you as the organizer are taking a stand:

  • You are showing your commitment regarding nature and climate protection.
  • You are sensitising your customers for a conscious and sustainable way of life.
  • You are creating awareness for the value and importance of our environment.
  • You are bringing a piece of nature into your location.
  • You are linking fun and games with the acquisition of knowledge, thus promoting playful learning.

Position yourself as a responsible, sustainable organizer and give your customers an emotional experience of nature. Book our exhibition environment!

Gesamtansicht der Kugelbahnen für die Ausstellung Treexhibition - rolling through the woods

The individual marble runs

Our environment exhibition rent allows the playful discovery of important facts about woods with different adventure marble runs.

Each marble run includes: individual stations, wooden decorative elements and information boards giving the most important facts on the topic.

Pfeil Icon für BilderGraik Wald Sauerstoffproduzent und Kohelnstoffspeicher


Pfeil Icon für BilderNatur Ausstellung Staubfilter Kugelbahn Weg von Schmutz und Staubpartikeln


Pfeil Icon für BilderLebensraum Erlebnis-Kugelbahn


Pfeil Icon für BilderNahrungsquelle Sation Treexhibiton Kugelbahn Nahrungsmitteln


Pfeil Icon für BilderErholungsraum Kugel der Kugelbahn startet im Baumhaus und endet bei den Pilzen


Pfeil Icon für BilderHolz-und Baustofflieferant Thema einer Erlebnis-Kugelbahn


Graik Wald Sauerstoffproduzent und Kohelnstoffspeicher


Trees are living miracles – and you can see what a single tree can do in this marble run.

A tree produces 10,000 litres of oxygen every day and stores carbon in its roots.

Will the ball make it all the way to the treetop, or will it end down by the roots? What a fun way to discover how photosynthesis works.

A tree is really productive, isn’t it?


Our trees act as a dust filter thus ensuring that we humans have clean and fresh air to breathe. If you feel tired and drained, you can recharge your batteries in the woods.

Follow the path of dirt and dust particles along the marble run. The leaves bind the dust, and when it rains it is released into the ground via the bark.

Cleaning mission completed successfully! Take a deep breath and enjoy the good air.

A tree is really clean, isn’t it?

Themenausstellung Bäume Staubfilter Reinigungsmission
Lebensraum Erlebnis-Kugelbahn


A tree is a natural home for a multitude of plants and animals. From the treetop down to the deep underground roots, an estimated 6,700 animal species find shelter, ranging from tiny insects to predators. Why not explore a tree in detail? You are sure to discover countless small and large creatures.

Our marble run shows you which different animals have their home in a tree. Follow the ball and find birds, squirrels, spiders, ants, insects, badgers and many more.

A tree is really cosy, isn’t it?


Mhm … do you also like eating off trees? Not only humans find berries, fruit and nuts delicious. Many forest dweller feeds on seeds, fruits, buds and leaves or needs the nectar and pollen of the blossoms.

You’ll need a lot of skill with this marble run! Let the ball roll through the woods, passing the variety of natural foods that a forest provides, making your mouth water for berries, mushrooms and nuts.

The woods are so appetising, aren’t they?

Nahrungsquelle Sation Treexhibiton Kugelbahn Nahrungsmitteln
Erholungsraum Kugel der Kugelbahn startet im Baumhaus und endet bei den Pilzen


Many people like to go for walks in the woods to relax. Exercising in the fresh air is relaxing and clears your mind. Here you can find peace, let your soul soar freely and recharge your batteries. It is also beneficial to our immune system!

But there are also many adventures to be had in the woods. Like on our marble run: the ball starts in the tree house, where you can devise great plans. It passes fragrant grasses and green bushes until reaching the finishing line at the delicious mushrooms.

Such healthy woods, aren’t they?


Wood is an important renewable building material. This is one of the reasons why more and more wood is being used for construction. But wood is not only used to build entire houses or make furniture. No, even the paper we write on was once a tree.

Trees grow at different speeds, as you can see on this marble run made of different types of wood. The ball rolls over the course into the ball playhouse. There it is really cosy and warm because it is heated with firewood.

Such a versatile tree, isn’t it?

Holz-und Baustofflieferant Thema einer Erlebnis-Kugelbahn
Specht mit Futter im Mund vor dem Engang eines Nestes in einem Baum
Nature lover close up of child hands hugging tree with copy space
Wildtier Fuchs in Natur

Facts and Figures

  1. Exhibition period: from 1 month
  2. 4 vertical & 2 horizontal marble runs, each of which can be played on twice (competitions possible).
  3. The exhibition does not need any attendants and can be made available to your customers as a stand-alone solution during the entire performance period. So you can easily rent the exhibition environment.
  4. Information on the topic is presented in a child-friendly way
  5. Ball vending machine ensures that there are enough balls for the duration of the exhibition
  6. Optional promotion pass for the kids provides additional excitement
  7. An optional fundraising campaign for a specific issue ensures the social impact of the project
  8. All planning was carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention programme
  9. Costs for 1-month exhibition incl. set-up & dismantling, service as required, marketing material : € 29,990.00
    Surcharge of € 5,000.00 for customs clearance for assignments in Switzerland

Optional packages

We provide the right setting!


e.g., carving, workshops such as basket weaving or bird house building, etc.
Surcharge: from € 990,00 per month


for your location such as living flowers, wooden decorations, stickers, etc.
(prices on request according to scope)


WOW experiences for promotions at the car park or city centres, conducting Meet & Greets, etc.
Surcharge: from € 1.290,00 per month


You want to have everything on hand and present it to your colleagues? No problem!

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Let it Roll Kugelbahn Kugel Schriftzug Laubblätter

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