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Trick Art
Themed exhibition
3D Bilderrahmen Trickart
Trickart Dinosaurier Interaktive Erlebnisse Kinder
Social media

Experience a totally crazy photo-illusion world: surreal, mysterious images on walls and floors are transformed into realistic photo scenarios right in front of your smartphone…

…simply a matter of perspective.

Bring motifs to life

Show what you’re made of and jump, scream, fly or ride into an adventure – either alone or with your friends or family.

Perfect for social media content

The motifs are the recipe for success for the cool social media content of your visitors, thus increasing awareness of your brand on the net. No matter whether a photo or short video sequences: TikTok, Instagram & Co are hungrily awaiting cool social media fodder.


Marks on the ground show from where the perfect photo can be taken

The crazier the position, the better the result

Rotate the smartphone for cool overhead motifs

Turn off the flash! The stations are perfectly lit

Different motifs for one or more people

Station design

All our stations are designed to create a WOW effect even with passers-by:

  • Themed individual stations
  • 3D decorative elements relevant to the motif world
  • Lighting and sound (where appropriate)
  • Markings from which point the best photo can be achieved
Station Trick Art

Types of motifs


Distorted perspective stickers on the floor create cool depth effects which might make some people dizzy!

Bodenstation Krokodil
Trickart Kind sitzt im Krokodilmund
Big ben kind


Wall motifs – also combined with 3D elements – make the content of pictures seem real and lead to interaction between the participant and the motif.

Shark iv
Trickart Frau im blauen Kleid Regenschirm
Delphine kind

Wall & Floor

Floor combined with wall motifs make for unique full-body shots.

Wand-Bodenstation Surfer
Trickart Junge am Mond meditiert
Surferin Mädchen Fotomotiv
Mondlandschaft Fotomotiv Trickart
Ansicht Forschungsglas Mutter Sohn

Facts and Figures

  • 12 different trick-art stations will astonish your visitors and provide the WOW effect
  • Exhibition duration: 1 month
  • The entire planning is carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention programme
  • Costs for 1-month exhibition incl. set-up & dismantling, service as required, marketing material (press releases, pictures, videos, webpage, social media): € 17,990.00 (surcharge of € 5.000,00 for customs clearance for events in Switzerland)

Live performance street art


3D Kunst am Boden in einem Einkaufszentrum
3D Trick Art Bild von Eduardo Relero
3D Künstler Eduardo Relero

Let your clients participate in the live creation of fantastic 3D art during an event!

Eduardo Relero is an Argentinian 3D street art artist who has created numerous wonder worlds on streets around the globe. The magic effect of the third dimension from certain angles astonishes passers-by the world over. He always adapts his artworks to the local environment, creating wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces.

Duration for the creation of a live work of art approx. 5 days

Costs: from EUR 3,500.00


You want to have everything on hand and present it to your colleagues? No problem!

Just click on the link:

Download concept
Trick Art just a matter of perspective
Trick art bearly cool

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