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The mystic age of Dragons
Themed exhibition

Supplier exhibition dragons


Many ancient legends state that dragons terrify people. One legend tells of eight dragons guarding treasure in a cave.

Let your visitors plunge into the mysterious age of dragons and take them on a mystical adventure with the supplier of exhibition dragons.

Detailed dragon exhibits will captivate your guests, as well as the stories and adventures of the brave knight Wendel on his way to becoming a true dragon master.

The mystic age of dragons video

The dragon stations

All exhibits are animatronic – moving parts of their bodies, making typical sounds, spewing smoke – and are complemented by interactive stations on the respective dragon.

Drachen Station Gesamtübersicht Ausstellung


With every dragon:

  • Themed individual stations
  • Information boards with exciting stories about Knight Wendel and the dragons
  • Interactive game


The two worlds guarded by the light dragon Observarius are shattered. Both the world of the dragons and the world of the humans were thrown into turmoil a long time ago.

Help Knight Wendel place the puzzle pieces in the correct position, so that the two worlds can live side by side in peace again.

Lichtdrache Obersavrius Spiel Ritter Wendel Schiebepuzzle
Nachtdrache Firmentoris Übersicht Ausstellung


Shh, quietly! No one knows what is going to happen when the night dragon Firmentoris wakes up.

So, creep up very carefully to get to the treasure guarded by the dragon. Should the monster awaken, you’d better take cover quickly!


Dive into a dragon adventure on the high seas with the water dragon Vindicta.

Thank goodness there are cameras today to capture this spectacular moment of you in the boat in close proximity to the mighty dragon.

Vindicta fotostation
Blitzdrache Armandes Spiel der heiße Draht


Things are getting hot with the lightning dragon Armades. Practice your skills in dealing with tricky situations and conquer the escape route along the hot wire.


Do your best to show the dragon Azula that you are already an expert in dragon skills, thus, being able to assist Knight Wendel on his dangerous mission.

Azula Drache Elektroquiz Themenausstellung the mystic age of Dragons
Drache Grafik Facts and Figures
Ritter Wendel Drachenausstellung

Facts & Figures

  1. Exhibition duration: book the exhibition dragon from one month
  2. Exhibition does not require attendants and can be made available to your customers as a stand-alone solution for the entire performance period.
  3. 5-8 animatronic realistic dragons, which can move and make typical sounds.
  4. Information on the mythology of each dragon, as well as a story about the brave Knight Wendel and his squire are already prepared from the supplier of exhibition dragons.
  5. Interactive station for each dragon
  6. Promotion pass for kids provides additional excitement (prizes from the shopping centre are possible)
  7. All planning for the exhibition dragon rent carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention programme.
  8. Costs for a one-month exhibition incl. set-up & dismantling, service as required, marketing material (press release, images, videos, webpage, social media presence):
    € 24,990.00
    Surcharge of EUR 5,000.00 for transport and customs clearance for assignments in Switzerland

Optional dragons and entertainment programme


Use your sword to combat the dragon’s fire! Let’s go!

Extra charge: € 2,790. 00 / month


Oops…there’s been a bit of a mix-up in the dragons’ nests. Can you match the different eggs to the respective dragons?

Extra charge: € 2,000. 00 / month


Sound dragon lady Audiana invites you to take part in a listening quiz. The more you know, the better!

Extra charge: € 2,490. 00 / month


The “WOW“ experience for promotions in the car park or organise a special Meet & Greet, etc.

Prices on request.


Appropriate interior decoration with stickers for the right place.

Prices on request according to scope.


Pneumatic, oversized 3D creatures for your facade.

Surcharge: from € 990,00 per decoration / month.


You want to have everything on hand and present it to your colleagues? No problem!

Just click on the link:

Download concept
Drachen Header Illustration mit Text
Hexe reicht Drachen Hand der auf einen Stein steht Illustration

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