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Africa's big 5
Themed exhibition

Let your visitors dive into the wild animal world of Africa.

Realistic animal exponents of Africa’s BIG 5

Lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopard – will captivate your visitors, as will a further five fascinating animals living in the African veldt. Interactive and amazing exhibition Africa for rent.

The stations of the Big 5

Africa’s Big 5, these are the 5 largest animals in Africa that belong on every photo safari.
With these 5 exhibits, an exciting safari in your location is guaranteed. Book exhibition Africa for your shopping center.

Gesamtübersich der Stationen von Africas big five


For every animal there are:

  • themed and individual stations
  • information boards giving the most important facts on the respective animal
  • interactive games


The king of the animals has an impressive roar! You, too?

  • Animatronic lion that roars and moves
  • Interactive game: Proof in our roaring booth how loud you can roar.
  • Area: approx. 20 m²
Löwe König der Tiere
Brüll so laut wie ein Löwe interaktives Spiel
kleiner und großer Elefant animatronisch im Freien
Elefant Messlatten Größe der Eleefanten


Elephants are really imposing creatures.

  • One animatronic, adult elephant that trumpets and moves
  • One animatronic little elephant that moves
  • Measurement boards to measure to the size of elephants
  • Area: approx. 30m²


The leopard is champion of the long jump.

  • Animatronic leopard that hives and moves
  • Floor markings, on which you can compete with the leopard in a long jump
  • Area: approx. 16m²
Ausstellung Afrika Leopard animatronisch
Leopard von Vorne Erlebniswelten Themenausstellung
Leopard Weitspruch Tafel mit Bodenmarkierung
Nashorn animatroisch im freien mit Deko
Wurfspiel zur Treffsicherheit Nashorn


In this tossing game you can demonstrate your skill aiming at the horn of the rhinoceros.

  • Animatronic rhinoceros that moves
  • Tossing game
  • Area: approx. 20m²


How heavy are you compared to a buffalo? Does your entire family weigh as much as the buffalo?

  • Animatronic buffalo, that moves
  • Scales on which you can measure yourself as a family with the weight of the buffalo
  • Area: approx. 16m²
Büffel Africas Big five Themenausstellung
Wage Büffel Gewicht vergleichen mit Büffel
Kind mit Elefantenohren und Rüssel
Elefant Bild Kopf Themenausstellung
Mädchen als Leopard mit kleinem Löwen

Facts & Figures

  1. 5-10 animatronic, realistic animals that can move and make typical sounds
  2. Information about each animal
  3. Interactive station for each animal at the exhibition Africa for rent
  4. Exhibition period: minimum one month
  5. No supervision is required for this Africa exhibition rental and it can be used as a stand-alone solution for your customers for the duration of the exhibition.
  6. Optional children’s pass for additional suspense (e.g. prize competitions at the shopping centre)
  7. Optional fundraising for an Africa-specific theme ensures the social impact of the project.
  8. All planning is carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention programme.
  9. Costs for a one-month exhibition incl. set-up & dismantling, service as required, marketing material: € 19,990.00
    Surcharge of EUR 5,000.00 for transport and customs clearance for assignments in Switzerland

Optional extras

We have even more in stock!


Follow the impressive wildebeest hike along our hot wire (approx. 10m2)
Extra charge: 2,190. 00 / month


Who picks the most balls in the game “Hippo Flipp”? (approx. 16m2)
Extra charge: 2. 250,00 / month


Push your raft over the water hole – but beware: There are great dangers waiting for you! (approx. 40 m2)
Extra charge: € 2,790. 00 / month


You can learn many facts about giraffes in the electro quiz! (approx. 20m2)
Extra charge: € 2,250. 00 / month


Try to put together the skin of a zebra correctly in the Zebra Puzzle. (approx. 16m2)
Extra charge: € 2. 000,00 / month


pneumatic, oversized 3D animals for your facade
Extra charge: from €  3.500,00 per decoration/month


Appropriate interior decoration with elements & stickers for the right places.
Prices according to volume and on request


e.g. drumming workshops, percussion concepts, artists or acrobats linked to the african theme.
Prices & dates on request


Our animal walkers guarantee the perfect “WOW” experience!
Extra charge: € 990,00 / month


You want to have everything on hand and present it to your colleagues? No problem!

Just click on the link:

Download concept
Africas Big five Header Kind Elefant Messlatte
Mädchen mit Löwen Scribble und Roarrr Schriftzug


Just roar!

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